Caffè italiano : Learning italian  at Volvèr on saturday morning

Learning italian while  sipping a good coffee at Volvèr with the experience and knowledge of the teachers of “ADATTO”. Now it’s possible.


We are increasing and improving the facilities for our friends and customers at Volvèr; the number of foreign people using Volvèr as their favorite  restaurant is increasing year after year.

“The idea is to link the teaching of italian language  and the italian cuisine and taste” says Roberto, the chef patron at Volvèr.

We are planning  cuisine classes  even in english and  ” caffè italiano” is an easy way to start . We were looking for the right teachers and  we found in Adatto the right persons : Maddalena and Marzia.

Our guest can continue the “italian” experience at the table of our restaurant texting their italian  and tasting the true italian food.

The italian teachers  can teach italian  through conversation, reading and grammar and they have years of experience.

Adatto is the italian school owned by Marzia and Maddalena, two experienced ladies based in Rosignano.

Adatto with the teachers Maddalena and Marzia will move at Volvèr on saturday morning just for those who wants to learn italian in a smart way.

Start your saturday   morning  at Volvèr  sipping a coffee in front of the sea while you are attending an italian lesson.
Volvèr ristorante
a water front terrace

Don’t miss this unique  opportunity!! Book your italian lesson at Volvèr every saturday morning from 10,30.

free coffee for everybody!

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